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David Fincher was brought into the project very late in its production, after a proposed version written and directed by Vincent Ward fell through; the film was Fincher's debut in big budget movie-making. At the relatively young age of 27, he had little time to prepare and was subjected to incessant creative interference from the studio throughout the filming and editing process, and he eventually walked out of the production altogether.

The experience of making Alien 3 proved agonizing for Fincher, and he has subsequently disowned and distanced himself from the film. The movie was released to mixed reviews, and was generally regarded as inferior to the two installments that preceded it. It was followed by a further sequel, Alien Resurrection Just prior to the evacuation, the ship's medical scans of the crew's cryotubes show an Alien Facehugger attached to one of the crewmembers.

The pod crash-lands on Fiorina "Fury" , a foundry facility and penal colony inhabited by all-male inmates with " double-Y " chromosome patterns. After some inmates recover the pod and its passengers, an Alien Facehugger is seen approaching the prison dog. Ripley is taken in and awakened by Clemens , the prison doctor, and is told she is the only survivor of the crash. Many of the ex-inmates have embraced an apocalyptic, millenarian religion which forbids sexual relations, and Ripley is warned by the prison warden, Superintendent Andrews , that her presence among them may have extremely disruptive effects.

Ripley begins to suspect an Alien may have played a part in her arrival on Fiorina and requests that Clemens perform an autopsy on Newt, but conceals the true nature of her concerns from him, claiming she is infected with a contagious strain of cholera, a disease that hasn't been detected in over years.

Ripley's fears that Newt may be carrying an Alien embryo in her body turn out to be unfounded and Clemens confirms she simply drowned in the crash. Despite protests from the warden and his assistant, Aaron , Ripley insists that the bodies be cremated; Clemens helps cover for Ripley when he reiterates her claim about a cholera outbreak.

Meanwhile, Ripley's casual mingling with the prisoners begins to frustrate the warden and agitate the inmates. A funeral is performed for Newt and Hicks in which their bodies are cremated in the facility's furnace. At the same time, the prison dog enters convulsions, and an Alien bursts from its body.

The Alien soon begins a killing spree, slaying several members and returning an outcast prisoner Golic to his former psychopathic state. Seeking answers, Ripley recovers and reactivates the damaged android Bishop, who confirms that there was indeed an Alien lifeform on the Sulaco and that it came with them to Fiorina in the escape pod. She informs Andrews of her previous encounters with the Aliens and suggests everyone work together to hunt it down and kill it.

The highly skeptical Andrews rejects her story, blaming the deaths instead on the unrest amongst the inmates, and explains that the facility has no weapons. He also reveals that a rescue ship has been sent for Ripley by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Back in the prison infirmary, Clemens is killed by the Alien in front of Ripley, which then threatens Ripley but mysteriously spares her. She runs to the mess hall to warn the others, only to see the Alien emerge from a vent overhead and drag Andrews away.

Ripley rallies the inmates and proposes they pour highly flammable toxic waste , which is stored at the facility, into the ventilation system and ignite it to flush out the creature. The prisoners reluctantly agree to the plan, but the mixture is ignited prematurely by the creature's intervention, resulting in the deaths of several prisoners.

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Suffering from pain in her chest and fearing internal injuries, Ripley scans herself with the medical equipment on board the Sulaco' s escape pod and discovers the embryo of an Alien Queen growing inside her. She also discovers that Weyland-Yutani intend to capture the Queen embryo and the adult Alien, hoping to use them as biological weapons. Deducing that the mature Alien will not kill her because of the embryo she carries, Ripley begs Dillon , the religious leader of the inmates, to kill her, who agrees to do so only if she helps the inmates kill the adult creature first.

They form a plan to lure it into the foundry's lead works facility using themselves as bait, where it can be drowned in molten lead. The bait-and-chase style plan results in the death of Dillon and all the remaining prisoners except Morse , who pours the lead. The Alien, covered in molten metal, escapes the mold but is killed by Ripley when she turns on fire sprinklers and sprays the beast with water, causing its exoskeleton to shatter via thermal shock.

They go to the lead works and the team's unnamed leader , who looks identical to the Bishop android, introduces himself to Ripley and claims to be the android's creator, sent to show Ripley a familiar face. He tries to persuade Ripley to undergo surgery to remove the Queen embryo, which he claims will be destroyed. Ripley refuses and steps back onto a mobile platform, which Morse positions over the furnace. The company soldiers shoot Morse in the leg, while Aaron bludgeons the team's leader over the head with a large wrench, believing him to be an android.

The soldiers shoot Aaron dead, while their leader reveals his true intentions — to recover the Alien specimen inside Ripley. Ripley defies them by throwing herself into the gigantic furnace, just as the Alien Queen erupts from her chest. As she dies, Ripley grabs the creature and holds it to her to ensure it enters the fire with her.

Cast & crew

Following the failure of Weyland-Yutani's mission and the death of all but one of the prison's inhabitants, the facility is closed down and the sole surviving inmate, Morse, is led away. On board the Sulaco' s escape pod, Ripley's closing distress call from the original Alien plays one final time. After the huge success of Aliens , Brandywine Productions were soon approached by 20th Century Fox to create another sequel in the Alien franchise. While producers David Giler and Walter Hill were initially unenthusiastic, they began developing ideas.

Early concepts included the Xenomorphs invading Earth, where they would fuse into a giant creature that destroys New York City; [3] the idea of a massive gestalt Xenomorph entity later resurfaced in one of the scripts written for the third film, by Eric Red. Another early idea was to follow Ripley and Newt as they hunted an especially mobile Xenomorph creature in a Blade Runner -like metropolis. Eventually, Giler and Hill settled on the idea of a concluding entry in the form of two movies that would provide a definitive end to the saga. Alien 4 would see the return of Ripley "in an epic battle with Alien Warriors mass produced by the expatriated Earthlings".

Weaver also agreed to being removed because she did not like the changes the studio made to Aliens to reduce its run time, which included the removal of scenes regarding Ripley's daughter that she considered crucial to her character's development [5] these scenes were later reinstated in the extended Special Edition. Although 20th Century Fox was skeptical about the idea, they agreed to finance the development of the story, but asked that Hill and Giler attempt to get Ridley Scott to direct Alien 3.

They also asked that the two films be shot back to back to lessen the production costs. However this proved to be difficult as Scott, though interested, was busy working on three films at the time. Horror director Clive Barker was also approached to write and direct the film, but he turned the project down as he found the Alien "uninteresting". Gibson, who was influenced by Alien , agreed. Gibson turned in the first script treatment for a third Alien film in Instead, the main narrative focus became Hicks and Bishop.

Gibson's effort is arguably the most well-known of the unproduced Alien 3 scripts, as it has been available online for many years, although the version on the internet is, according to Gibson, "about thirty pages shorter than the version I turned in. It became the first of some thirty drafts, by a great many screenwriters, and none of mine was used except for the idea, perhaps, of a bar-code tattoo. The story is set aboard a large space station called Anchorpoint, where Weyland-Yutani begins experimentation on Xenomorph material recovered from Bishop's remains aboard the Sulaco. The script also features a distinct Cold War element, with the rival " Union of Progressive Peoples " analogous to the Soviet Union running their own Xenomorph experiments after boarding the Sulaco before its arrival at Anchorpoint and recovering genetic material of their own.

Eventually both Anchorpoint and the U. P space station are overrun by Xenomorphs and Hicks and Bishop must team up with the survivors to destroy the creatures. The script ends with a cliffhanger for Alien 4 in which Xenomorph genetic material is headed for Earth aboard the Sulaco.

Bishop suggests to Hicks that humans are united against a common enemy and they must track the Xenomorphs to their source and destroy them. The screenplay is very action oriented, containing 8 Marine vs. Alien battle scenes, including a major confrontation set on the exterior hull of the space station; by comparison, James Cameron 's script for Aliens contained only 2 Marine vs. Alien battles.

A second draft by Gibson removed most of this action and instead presented a story closer to the claustrophobic horror of Alien. Gibson's scripts also feature an extended cast with many new characters. Since the first draft's release online, it has attained a considerable following on the internet. However, at the time, the producers, while liking certain aspects of the script, were unhappy with the screenplay overall.

Gibson was asked to make rewrites with their newly hired director, Renny Harlin , but declined, citing various other commitments and "foot dragging on the producers' part. The script is set aboard a space station that houses an entire small-town USA settlement, including open wheat fields, farms and a small town, all housed under a giant dome. Beneath the town, the rest of the station consists mostly of a high-tech research facility, where military scientists are secretly breeding and studying the Xenomorphs.

The creatures soon escape and wreak havoc, and with most of the military and science personnel killed in the initial outbreak it is left to the townsfolk to fight off the creatures. At the end of the story, the station itself becomes "infected" by the Xenomorphs and turns into a giant biomechanical Xenomorph creature.

Whereas several of the unproduced Alien 3 scripts specifically Gibson's and Vincent Ward's have received substantial praise in recent years, Red's effort has something of an infamous reputation for it's poor quality. Red himself later disowned the widely circulated version of the script, claiming, "The piece of junk was a product of a few weeks of intense, hysterical story conferences with the studio to rush to get the picture into production and it turned out completely awful Writer and future director David Twohy was next to work on the project.

His version is even further removed from the preceding films than Red's script — the story is set many years after Aliens , and the only reference to the first two movies is an image of Ripley seen on a computer monitor half-way through, with the word "DECEASED" written beneath it — although Twohy allegedly also turned in an alternate draft that featured the Ripley character more prominently. Twohy's story is set on a prison space station in Earth orbit called Moloch Island, where inmates act as manual labor in a giant refinery that smelts ore mined in space.

The prison is also secretly being used by Weyland-Yutani to breed and run illegal experiments on the Xenomorphs, many of which involve the use of convicts as live bait. To keep the experiments secret from the prison population, only death row inmates are used, their executions faked in a gas chamber before they are revived and used in the tests.

Examples include breach testing, where a Xenomorph is videotaped as it searches for — and finds — the weakest part of a structure with human bait inside, breaks through and attacks the victim. An accident at the station frees the Xenomorphs, and the surviving prisoners and staff must team up to try and escape.

Vincent Ward was hired to direct the film, although he promptly told the studio he was not interested in filming Twohy's script and instead wanted to pursue his own idea for a third movie. Ward was given the go-ahead to develop this idea, even though the studio still had Twohy performing rewrites of his own script, telling him that Ward's screenplay was in fact for a fourth movie in the franchise.

The story for Alien III by Ward and John Fasano has Ripley's escape pod crash landing on a monastery-like space station, which is archaic in design and largely constructed from wood. The story begins with one of the monks witnessing a "star in the East" in fact Ripley's escape pod approaching the station , which his brothers at first believe to be a good sign. However, upon the arrival of Ripley, and with increasing suggestions of Xenomorph presence, the monks instead come to view the omen as the herald of some sort of divine trial for their misdemeanors, for which they are being punished by the creature that haunts them.

By having a woman in their monastery, the monks wonder if their trial is partially caused by sexual temptation, as Ripley is the only woman to be amongst the community in many years. To avoid this temptation and hopefully the much grimmer reality of what she has brought with her, the monks lock Ripley into a dungeon in the lower levels of the space station and ignore her advice on the true nature of the beast.

However, one of the monks soon comes to believe Ripley and frees her, and together they attempt to escape Arceon. Currently the longest running scripted show ever to air, The Simpsons have a permanent seat in global pop culture. During its time on the air the show has given the world countless jokes and a number of wild and entertaining plot lines. Recently though, some viewers have begun to remark on the curiously high number of accurate predictions the show has included in their writing. The Apple Watch, Trump for President, The Higgs Boson particle, and many more events of recent times all seem to have been shown to have been included in jokes or plots of the long running comedy show long before they actually came to pass.

The Simpsons Predictions. Holiday Bonus! Santa Claus Or is he Satan?

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Gordon has a series of 6 photographs that have been shown to his nuclear weapons experts that consult for Veterans Today and they have confirmed that at first analysis it appears to show a nuclear weapon being used. Some coverage of the National Press Club meeting. Paul McGann Andrews Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Significantly, Springer addresses how the Pentagon would view extraterrestrial interference with nuclear weapons.

Hello All! Thank so much for supporting this independent podcast! We would be nowhere without you fine people listening. So instead of shut down for the holidays, we decided to bring you a little history of the worlds most powerful wizard, Santa Claus! Off the coast of Nova Scotia sits a small unassuming island named for the tall oak trees that can bee seen even far out at sea. The area was sparsely populated in those days and offered an abundance of natural resources for those who may have found respite there from pursuing Naval vessels.

On this island In a group of young men discovered an unusual depression in the ground which seemed too regular to be natural. Inspired by the long standing rumours of buried treasure the young men began digging into what is arguably one of the greatest mysteries of modern times.

Wooden platforms, coconut fibers, pieces of parchment, and a stone with mysterious symbols are only some of the items which have been uncovered in and around the almost foot deep hole that has been dug on the island. What is left to be found? Ancient Manuscripts? Lost Royal Jewels? Artifacts that could possibly rewrite the history of Western Culture contact with the New World?

This case file, Join Braden, Zel, and Dan in the search for possible pirate booty in The Mystery of Oak Island. Case File Cindy James. A nurse by trade, Cindy lived an unremarkable life while married to her psychologist husband Roy Makepeace. The following years Cindy alleged she was the target of psychological and at times physical torture by a mysterious assailant.

Threatening phone calls, assaults inside her home, and even a case of what was possibly arson eventually cost the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1 million dollars in resources to investigate. Her death was ruled a suicide. This case file the Theorists open up the freezer for this cold case in The Death of Cindy James. Case File Gobekli Tepe. When German Archaeologist Klaus Schmidt took a closer look at what had seemed to be nothing more than a Medieval burial ground in he quickly realized it was something quite a bit more significant.

For almost a decade Schmidt would work to bring to light the mysteries of this staggeringly important archaeological site. Efforts by German and international teams have uncovered enormous upright T-shaped stones and intricate carvings which have been dated to a time before human agriculture or even human written language. What was the significance of these stones that would have taken people to move? Was it a place of worship? A primitive observatory? This case file the Theorists take a Neolithic Nosedive into the game changing monuments of Gobekli Tepe.

Case File MKUltra. From the rocket technology that sent men to the moon to unlocking the secrets of the atom that promised untold destruction as well as unlimited power. With so many projects in development at once, it was inevitable that there was a lack of oversight on some of the less than ethical experiments. Specifically one that was approved in to explore the effect of various mind altering substances and techniques on living human subjects with aims of psychological manipulation and behavior modification.

The experiments were carried out not just on military black sites but also with the help of numerous top tier US universities. For 20 years horrific experiments were performed on not only a number of unsuspecting US citizens but citizens of other countries as well. This case file the Theorists take a trip and fall into Project: MKUltra. The Russian Federation has the largest land area of any country in the modern world. What lies beneath the former Iron Curtain? For a country that is widely known for its secrecy and subterfuge it would be folly to assume that the former Soviet Union has never witnessed or recorded contact with UFOs.

In the far eastern town of Dalnegorsk, just northeast of Vladvostok, an event took place in that created quite a stir in the Russian and even International UFO community. On January 29, the residents of Dalnegorsk witnessed a mysterious red Orb shaped UFO approach a mountain in the nearby range and seemingly make a landing impact that could be felt near the site.

Russian professors from Universities were on the scene within two days and were astounded by the evidence that was found that seemed to point to a mysterious object landing in the forest surrounding the mountain named after its height. In the this case file the Theorists are sending you postcards from Russia with love in The Height UFO.

England has no shortage of paranormal happenings. Countless locations in the English countryside are steeped in bloody histories and surrounded by local myth and superstition. Number 30 East Drive on the Chequerfields estate has a paranormal history that spans 5 decades. This apparition is allegedly the cause of the many strange happenings that happened within the walls of Number 30 East Drive. A force which is described as malevolent and capable of seemingly shaking the very foundation of the home.

Join the theorist as they once again cross the pond to discuss The Black Monk of Pontefract. October 17, Canada has officially legalized the use of Marijuana for recreational purposes. Demonizing marijuana and associating it with racist stereotypes that persist to this very day.

Armageddon is coming

The change in the majority of public thinking has been a long and arduous process. Public opinion is slowly being won over with multiple studies which show the various applications in medical and industrial sectors. But why are some states dragging their feet on the road to legalization? Why has the War on Drugs been such a miserable failure? What connections do newspaper Magnate William Randolph Hearst and the DuPont chemical company seemingly have in the beginnings of the war on hemp? Join the ATT crew as they go up in smoke in The War on Weed. We bounce around from talking MCU to making a murderer, some pyramid talk and a story where Zel and Andrew watched a man get kicked pretty much to death.

Case File Flying Humanoids. Look to the skies! Is that a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a 7-foot tall bipedal creature with bat like wings? When you look overhead you expect to see birds or perhaps even a bat or two. There are around 10, different species of birds in the world and over species of bats. But, people have been reporting that they have seen more than average pigeon flying through the skies of Chicago as recent as Around the Great Lakes area witnesses have reported seeing humanoid like creatures soaring through the skies on wings that look similar to bat wings.

If it were one person perhaps it could be written off as a misidentification of a heron or hawk but when you have almost 60 people reporting extremely similar sightings? And what about sightings of other mysterious floating humanoids that have been caught on film in places like Central and South America? Are these Angels? This case file Zel and Dan shake a tail feather and flock together to talk about Flying Humanoids. Most UFO sightings are just that, something appearing for a short amount of time to dazzle onlookers for an instant and then disappearing faster than the eye can see.

The people of Colares, Brazil in had a very different experience and not a single townsperson would say that what they saw was benign. Over a 4 month period the people of Colares would come to experience terror like they had never known. Mysterious injuries and even death caused by mysterious lights that seemed to assault the small fishing town with a malicious intelligence.

The Colares UFO incident. Song of the week, The View, the Life-Keira! Case File Mutilations. Warning: Those of you with weak constitutions may want to stop here. This episode the theorists are exploring cases where the bodies of both humans and animals have been found to be mysteriously mutilated, those bodies that showed bizarre evidence of scorch marks, surgical grade incisions, and soft tissue and organ removal.

What could have possibly perpetrated these heinous acts? Those looking for the simplest answer attribute the killings to natural predators and scavengers. But it is hard to deny that many of the cases share such chilling similarities that they beg further investigation. No natural predator can leave a corpse of a full grown cow completely devoid of blood or make near perfect cuts with which to extract organs with the exact precision that is seen in some of these cases. Case File Skinwalker Ranch. The Native American people known as the Utes long have told the legend of skinwalkers.

Men and Women who had the power to change their shape from human to beast and had many other supernatural abilities. The Utes held the strong belief that there were doorways with which one could connect with the spirit world beyond. One of those doorways was said to have been on a piece of land in western Utah that had been cursed by the Apache and was forbidden to be tread upon by the Ute people to this very day.

Apparently, a centuries old curse did not concern cattle ranchers when then built a acre ranch on that very piece of land. The ranch itself and the surrounding area have been the setting for countless reports of strange occurrences. UFOs, strange creatures roaming the hillsides, and mysterious apparitions on the property and even inside the house itself. So, put on your 10 gallon tin foil hats and join Braden, Zel, and Dan as they saddle up and ride out to Skinwalker Ranch. Once again, we remember the day that fundamentally changed the world after Even though the Sept 11 attacks are almost two decades past there are groups that still claim that this was not an attack orchestrated by foreign aggressors alone.

The scale of these attacks and the sheer number of parties who are connected is mind boggling to say the least. The Theorists once again return to one of the most pivotal days in modern history. Join Braden, Zel, and Dan as they once again revisit the events and bring new theories surrounding the September 11 Attacks. Who would be the Crypto King of the Ring? Has anyone ever seen a Bunyip?! Let the theorists answer all questions of cryptozoological combat. Case File Pizzagate. It is a disturbing reality that child sex trafficking exists in our world.

Many people think this unforgivable crime is isolated to the dark corners of the world where law and order are in short supply. In recent years it has come to light that this inexcusable offense is much more widely spread than was previously thought. During the United States presidential election cycle an incident brought the idea that a ring of high power politicians were using secret messages and symbols to organize child sex trafficking ring. What ties did a Washington D. Why were the reports not fully investigated by the FBI?

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What evidence supported these claims in the first place? April 17, A Local newspaper in Aurora, Texas included a fascinating report of a flying object falling from the sky. Even more intriguing is the paper mentioned that a military official had identified a body at the scene of the crash. Whether it was human or not the good people of Aurora, Texas were said to have buried the body in their local cemetery under an unmarked tombstone.

For almost 80 years this fantastic story was overlooked by national media. Case File The Valentich Disappearance. What do you think when you look down upon an anthill? Do you see ants as simple pests, picnic Invaders that can ruin a Summer's day of fun? Or perhaps you don't consider them at all? Ants are simply ants and don't require consideration. What would be the thoughts of a civilization far removed from our own, one that has unraveled the mysteries of interstellar travel, towards humans? Hundreds of people have claimed of being abducted by intelligent creatures from beyond our own solar system.

Taken for experiments or given messages and portents for them to relay to their fellow humans. But what about those humans who never came back? Few of the cases involving complete disappearances where UFOs were present are well documented or have reliable supporting evidence. One case happened on the southern tip of Australia in Be forewarned if you came to listen for highly accurate re-enactments and flawless Australian accents you came to the wrong neighbourhood.

Enjoy the show. Power Hour 9. Tales are told and beers are drank and The Theorists expel some of the countless ridiculous stories of their adult lives. Case File Artificial Intelligence. In Astronomy it is the ultra dense point within a black hole where even light cannot escape making it impossible to see.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence the Singularity is the point in the future where scientists are at a loss to predict what will be the outcome when a machine finally becomes truly conscious. Modern movies and literature have played this scenario out a hundred different ways. But, have these blockbuster movies and science fiction stories obscured our ability to prepare for the impending techpocalypse?

Many would simply brush off the idea of a Machine that can think better and faster than a human as a fantasy. And yet, every day computer processors are getting smaller and faster. What would happen if one of the almost hundred of companies researching AI were to, either intentionally or accidentally, create the proverbial God in a Box? A machine intelligence that could outthink every human on the planet at blinding speeds with no mistakes and no fatigue? Case File Giants. Nearly every single culture around the world has tales of Giant humans. But are the tales of a race of Giant humanoids only pure fantasy?

In the last century there have been thousands of reports of findings of giant skeletons. It has been reported skeletons ranging from feet have been found among remains of ancient Native American burial mounds. Are the ancient stories of giants from Native American tribes nothing by tall tales?

Is there a theory that ties these Giant humanoids into the story of ancient humanity? Follow the the Theorists as they climb the beanstalk in search of Giants. On the evening of December 9th residents of the town of Kecksburg, PA witnessed an event that was nothing short of spectacular.

The witnesses on the ground were astounded that this object did not behave in a manner associated with your average meteor or shooting star. The object hurtling through the sky suddenly changed direction not once, not twice, but three times as it made its final crash into a nearby forest. Those witnesses first on the scene reported seeing the tops of trees torn off and a long furrow in the earth where the object had made its landing.

Reports by multiple witnesses told of a sulfur like smell that accompanied the crashed object. Within a relatively short time those witnesses who were investigating out of sheer curiosity found themselves confronted by arriving personnel who claimed to be with the military and instructed the civilians to leave the area due to concerns of radiation in the area.


What seemed to be a quick and efficient military operation was underway that night to retrieve the object in total secrecy. No questions were answered and all information regarding the object was kept under wraps. Sounding like something ripped from a sci-fi movie these actual events all seem to point to possibility of a crashed UFO that was recovered that night by the US military and then covered up. This case file, the Theorists delve into the mysterious events surrounding the Kecksburg UFO incident.

Alien Con Recap! This weeks episode features almost 2 hours of stories and events that went along with that trip. Thanks for listening, we appreciate all the support. Case File The Bilderberg Group. In the last few recent years the world has become a seemingly volatile political landscape. Countries small and large have become inextricably linked by way of numerous economic and political factors. Is this the result of duly elected officials simply acting in the best interests of their own sovereign nation-states, or is it the prelude to a reshaping of the global politiscape in accordance with some shadowy agenda of one or more mysterious groups of select powerful people?

On the 29th of May a very select group of individuals met at an undiscerning hotel in the Netherlands. These men stated that their purpose was to come together in order to discuss issues of global importance without having to adhere to the protocols they followed as official representatives of their home countries. At this meeting they were to leave the trappings and responsibilities they had as statesmen and simply discuss issues as interested parties. This by invitation-only group has met every year since then, a shifting list of attendees that includes captains of industry, political strategists, and leaders in technology.

No press are allowed inside, no detailed hours of the meetings are kept, and only broad lists of topics to be discussed are put out to the public. Are these powerful individuals shaping the world behind the scenes? Pulling the strings of the world economy for their own benefit? Or are they struggling to create a future one world government. This case file the theorists delve into the the Bilderberg Group.

Case File Bigfoot Beatdown. Once again we turn our attention towards the tireless search for Bigfoot. The mysterious bipedal ape-like creature that seems to roam North America. Multiple sightings of these creatures throughout history, and their appeal to the human imagination and our collective curiosity, have opened the door for many organizations to be founded with the goal of positively identifying these creatures.

But it is perhaps an understatement to say that these organizations struggle to gain credibility with the mainstream scientific community. Organizations like the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and North America Bigfoot Search take their goal of definitively proving the existence of an 8-foot upright-walking wood ape very seriously. They have established mission statements, and protocols for assessing sightings and evidence found during their expeditions. So, What have these organizations found so far?

Who can y6ou contact if you have seen a Bigfoot? On this case file, Braden and Dan tornado tag team to get into the nitty gritty of the Bigfoot Organizations from coast to coast. Case File Project Blue Book. All through human history strange lights or objects have been reportedly seen moving through our skies. Before the advent of modern science many of those sightings were attributed to Gods, angels, spirits, or other supernatural phenomenon.

Just going back as far as there have been near 60, reported sightings of unidentified aerial phenomenon. And soon after the local newspapers reported this, the term flying saucer, was born. Shortly after such a widely reported news story was circulated the U.

Alien Monk 2013: Armageddon is Coming by Ronald Rayner (Paperback, 2012)

The responsibility of exorcism these demons and spirits now often falls to the priesthood which must use ritual and invocation of holy power to cast out the malevolent spirits. Demonic possession is not only a christian problem, many other cultures and societies believe in the ability for malicious spirits to take root in or around a person and cause them pain or change their behaviour in unexpected ways. Alongside the rise of spirituals in the 19th which saw the widespread recognition of spirit mediums and a fascination with an unseen world beyond our own.

There have also been those who have sought to contribute many of the symptoms of demonic possession to psychological reasons. What's the difference between and minor or major possession, are the dark whispers that a person hears in their head just simply a manifestation of dissociative identity disorder. When does a person know when it's time to turn from medication and therapy to perhaps a high power.

Join The alien Theorists as they explore the history and study of demonic possessions. Case File Mr. Conspiracy's Power Hour. Braden and Zel start a case file, then somehow Mr. Conspiracy sneaks in with his current list of conspiracy goodies. CIA research into the astral plane and more on Mr. Conspiracies Power Hour! Open Channels Thanks for tuning into Open Channels-2, our call in show where listners call in and share stories, encounters or just to theorize.

To be on open channels, visit our website: alientheorists. This week features stories about UFOs, sleep paralysis, shadow people and some theories on cattle mutilation. Case File Haunted Places. Spirits, apparitions and poltergeists. Are these the remnants that leave the mortal plane behind. Certain places around the world seem more affected than others when it comes to this kind of ghostly activity.

This episode the theorists take a look at some of the spooky happenings that take place regularly at some of these locations and have been witnessed by multitudes of regular people. Creepy bridges that drive both man and beasts to mysterious deaths, abandoned insane asylums stateside where the dead do not rest and monuments to death that priests of the catholic church claim to be so shrouded in malevolence that it affects the body and cannot be purged. Join us, as team ATT takes you on a whirlwind paranormal tour of a few of the worlds better known, haunted places.

The Empire was a civilization that was centered in the jungles in what is now modern day guatemala. The Mayans forged their empire among the near inhospitable rainforest in the tropical lowlands which, if you asked some scientists, is a feat that should have been impossible. But after creating mind boggling cities which scientists, after new discoveries have been made are now estimating may have housed over ten million inhabitants they seemingly, vanished. Abandoning their cities and temples to be reclaimed by the jungles forests. The Mayans were leaps and bounds ahead of other civilizations at the time in terms of astronomy, mathematics, and innovations in agriculture and they simply left it all behind.

Theories abound on the hows and whys these people left behind their thousand year ld cities that were built with such stunning precision and care. Temples that matched the very constellations of stars, marked major astronomical events and have eerie acoustic properties. Fresh of their journey to the mayan city of Chichen Itza, Braden and Zel bring first hand accounts of the awe inspiring sight. Join the theorists as the delve into the origins of the Maya, reasons for the Mayans decline and disappearance, what they left behind and how mainstream Mexican tour guides are reluctant to admit that extraterrestrials may have had a hand in helping the Mayan build their empire.

Case File Rendlesham Forest. In england there is a small town in the county of suffolk named rendlesham. A relatively small and sleepy town with a population of only around In late December the town would experience a set of unexplained UFO encounters that would earn it the nickname of, Britain's Roswell. To this day it is one of the most well documented UFO sighting in history. The UFO events in question took place over not just hours, but actually two days in roughly the same area. The phenomenon was witness by US air force personnel stationed on a military base just outside the main town.

Multiple witness reported many occurrences that are associated with close encounters of UFOs. Things like bright lights, a strange craft not form this earth and even missing time.

Was this simply a case of mistake in identity. Perhaps seasoned members of the UFO air force made a misidentification of a nearby lighthouse, a meteor, or brightly shining stars. Suffice to say, team ATT is not convinced. Was there some sort of intelligence at work guiding these strange lights and if so, what was their intention. Could they have been looking for something lost or perhaps they had an interest in the nearby military base at the height of the cold war. Join us as we discuss the strange events surrounding what is now known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Case File Cultish Madness.

The word cult for many people conjures up images of dark hooded figures, strange disconcerting rituals or perhaps idols of horned gods or goddesses. In mainstream media, cults are often maligned and seen as outliers and aberrations that draw in only those that are weak willed or easily manipulated. But there are many times that this is not the case.

People drawn to these alternative religious practices are often bright and creative individuals who happen to be in a time of transition of their identity or just down on their luck and searching for something to pull them from a general malaise of unfulfillment. Then they are drawn into the sphere of influence produced by charismatic or mysterious individuals who make them feel wanted.

Who satisfy their need for belonging or understanding. Sometimes these leaders truly believe what they preach. Whether of a coming armageddon or a way of life leading to spiritual salvation. But more often than not, we hear of leaders who abuse their power and those who live under its influence. They force their followers to commit Debasement mutilation and even murder.

All based on the promise that these acts will grant their followers the fulfillment they crave, or save their very souls. This week Dan and Zel take a look at a few of these cults that took the dark and twisted turns into the realms of the things out of nightmares. ATT Newsread pilot. The Theorists are back, and they're reading the news.

This is a new type of episode, kind of. You could say, same same, but different as the whole episode is dedicated to news stories not widely covered in the mainstream media. From new discoveries to stats on guns worldwide, Braden, Zel and Andrew smash down some headlines. Help us name this segment! Case File Big Pharma. It is no secret that big Pharmaceutical companies profit in the billions from prescription medications. According to statista. Compare that to , where the total was Billion. That is an increase of Billion Dollars of profit in 15 years.

One would think that this is a good thing, these companies must really be helping people with diseases and ailments, the world should be a better place, Diseases and cancer should be decreasing with all these advancements in medicine and healthcare, however the truth is quite the opposite.

Billions of dollars are donated to disease research to find cures every year, yet, nothing. The only thing that happens is new patentable drugs are developed, marketed and sold to people who hope that this new Medicine will cure them. It all comes down to one thing, profit.

It is a disgusting thought but one that everyone needs to realize. But has it always been this way? Do you ever question why there is no talk about preventive medicine? Or why doctors are not taught anything about nutrition in medical school.

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Has a slimy group of companies hijacked modern medicine to only turn profits and never truly cure disease? This week on Alien Theorists Theorizing: Raven, former pro wrestler and host of The Raven Effect podcast joins in for 5 minutes, and then we lose him due to skype problems. Braden, Zel, Andrew and Mr. This episode is more comedy than conspiracy but we made due with the time we had. Case File Open Channels. This is a listener call in style show where prolapsers from all over the globe tell their tales and give their theories! This is the Pilot for this series so any feedback please let us know.

Do you have a story you want to share? Seen a UFO? Abducted by aliens? Want to talk sone conspiracy? Please contact us and stay tuned for open channels 2 coming soon. Case File Discussing Disclosure. With hundreds of unexplained UFO encounters in Project Blue Book, countless eyewitness testimonies by high ranking military officers and hundreds of cases of abductions, how come in we have yet to see any real disclosure?

In Dr Stephen Greer gathered a group of highly respected professionals together to tell their encounters with UFOs. It was called the disclosure project and was broadcast by the National Press Club. With so many high ranking members of the military and Private sector giving accounts of unexplainable events, and the very peak of the crop circle phenomenon it seemed like disclosure was imminent.

But Dr. His documentary Sirius which aired in was widely viewed, highly criticized and controversial with his claims of finding a real Extraterrestrial specimen. And now in we have his newest documentary Unacknowledged which expands on the claims made in Sirius and presents a host of new material. The film is packed with testimonies of eyewitnesses, government insiders who claim ET knowledge and videos, although grainy, show UFOs.

But is the lack of hard evidence, such as alien craft or HD video enough reason to dismiss the claims entirely? Or is the amount of circumstantial evidence presented by highly respected people just to great to ignore. What is the occult? You hear it thrown around with words like Illuminati and Free Masonry but it seems like there is no solid understanding. What exactly is the hidden? Why do certain symbols seem to transcend time like the winged sun disk. Which is a circle with two wings dating back to ancient Egypt and now used by multiple global corporations as their logo.

Or the Pentagram, the five pointed star which that dates back thousands of years and is now used by many corporations and governments? Is there a connections between these symbols and how these companies got their power and control? Or is it that these companies just know we are somehow drawn to these ancient symbols and it is all just marketing strategy? Whatever it is, there seems to be to many coincidences and connections not to question. Conspiracy Returns. Conspiracy returns this week as the Theorists pull together a last minute case file as they research for their next batch of case files.

A good old fashioned power hour is in store with topics ranging from AI robot citizens, CRISPR gene editing technology and a secret ancient Indian tomb that cannot be opened!

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Braden, Zel, Byron and Mr. Conspiracy theorize away. Case File Aleister Crowley. Who was alister crowley? The simple answer according to wikipedia is he was an english occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist and mountaineer. Is there something sinister behind the meaning of his occult and sex magic teachings?

Was he a man deranged by disease? LEt the introduction to Alister Crowley begin. Case File The Simulation Hypothesis. Are we living in a simulation? It is a question being talked at the highest levels of science and physics but what evidence do we have? As far as we know this universe that we experience is physical, or at least thats what your taught. What if we are just a highly complex, super intelligent A. I becoming self aware that we are more than just physical beings. Playing with Oujia 2. This week the theorists record a second attempt at playing with Oujia.

Disappointed by the last failed attempt at summoning the spirits of Oujia, Braden, Zel and Andrew try to summon anything they can.