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For some reason I just could not grasp holding two needles together. I wanted to learn because I love the look of knitted pieces. Maybe some day I will learn, but for now I am happy with the look of Tunisian crochet. If you have never tried Tunisian crochet, you have to! It looks harder then it is, I promise! The Tunisian Knit stitch looks exactly like a traditional knit stitch.

Knit Collage Cast Away Entrelac Beanie Pattern

The body of this beanie is crocheted using only this type of stitch. The band is crocheted using both the Tunisian Knit stitch and Purl stitch. These are the only two types of stitches you will need to know to crochet this beanie.

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This beanie is extremely beginner friendly. I would recommend watching the video tutorials below before you start. They are very helpful in showing the different stitches and how to bind off. If you would like to purchase an ad-free printer friendly version of this pattern, click HERE. This is normal in Tunisian crochet.

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Tunisian Cast On and Return Pass. The color in the pictures is Whisper. Insert hook into 2nd ch from hook. YO and draw loop through and leave on hook.

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Ladys Entrelac Hat. Use the entrelac stitch to make this visually stunning hat. This free knitting pattern for a Lady's Entrelac Hat would make a great gift for your friends this winter. Ravelry: Free - Entrelac Hat (C) pattern by Betty P Balcomb.

Do not turn. Row 1 — Return pass: Left to right. Yo and draw through first loop on hook.


Loop remaining on hook becomes first stitch of next row. Row 2 — Work TKS in next st. Then work TPS in the next 2 stitches.

Work Return Pass. Rows 25 thru 30 are decrease rows.

Cast Away Entrelac Beanie | Handspun - Patterns | Beanie pattern, Beanie, Hats

To complete a decrease in Tunisian crochet you simply skip a stitch. Row 25 — Work 8 TKS, sk next st.

Idun Entrelac Hat

The author thoroughly explains entrelac knitting as you make a tablet cover. I am honored Tanna, that you would like to link my post! This beautiful cape is knit in a solid gray at the top, but the entrelac effort is still very visible. Awesome hat to wear to my grandsons football games And I love fresh cold water, too. Product Reviews.

Work a TKS in each stitch left. I loved her hat when I saw it. I did this on the Bulky Brother but it can be done on any machine.

Cascade Entrelac Hat

So I guessed and I was right. Well that left a lot of strings hanging.

Entrelac in the Round / Seamless Entrelac

And, as the work was getting smaller near the top I thought I would end up with dropped stitches. Now I did get the yarn on sale but I will still make another one to justify the cost. The colors are Buff Chamois and Aspen print. There is buff color in the variegated yarn. In the picture it does not look like it matches.

It took almost 3 ounces of yarn for this hat so I will be able to make quite a few. This is a great hat to make with left over yarns.

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I recommend that everyone try the entrelac at least once.