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Bears Living in Perfect 'Harmony': Denver Zoo Debuts New Grizzly Bear Exhibit
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Her symbol is a pink rose with a bow. Seafriend Bear was a toy exclusive bear that arose from a joint effort between Tonka and the World Wildlife Fund to promote Ocean conservation. He was available exclusively in British and Australian markets. In Australia, he was known and marketed as 'Ocean Friend Bear' although his original name remained printed on his washing instructions tag.

Secret Bear made her first appearance in the first Care Bears movie. Secret Bear originally did not talk aloud so was very able to keep everything secret. To communicate, he either acted out as a mime or whispers in his best friend Friend Bear's ear. Following the s reboot and a change in look, Secret Bear also began to speak aloud.

Happy bear family in harmony.

The bears made their presence known to me immediately. Some time later, a grown up Harmony is seen helping the other bears prepare for the return of True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse from a caring mission, and has a run-in with the villain when he arrives disguised as the Caring Meter Reader. A special limited edition plush was available with a raspberry scent to the fur. Our slow-roasted pulled pork ran through with jerk seasoning, tossed with pickles, smothered under melted baby Swiss and topped with lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted brioche bun. He runs a carnival side show to attempt to capture the Care Bears. Choose Options Compare. The second day I was there, I put some sunflower seeds out on a tall, sturdy wrought iron feeder for the birds.

Originally Secret Bear had tangerine fur and a heart shaped padlock as a belly symbol. In the early s revival, the character's fur colour was changed to magenta. Secret Bear is one of the bears who has changed from male to female between different incarnations of the franchise. Share Bear was first introduced in the s toy line and later made her animated debut in the first Care Bears movie. Her fur colour is lavender. Originally, Share Bear's belly symbol was a pink heart-sprinkled ice cream soda with two straws. In , it was changed to two heart-shaped lollipops one pink with a blue heart and stick, the other blue with a pink heart and stick , on the grounds that sharing milkshakes and smoothies can spread bacteria and viruses according to Play-Along-Toys.

In Adventures in Care-a-lot , she has short curly hair tied by a pink beaded barrette, and wears a pink satchel over one shoulder. Surprise Bear who originally made her debut as a UK-exclusive plush toy in the mid s [ citation needed ]. While she made no further appearances in any of the original 's media [ citation needed ] , she was later revived in the s toyline and made her movie debut in Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!

Harmony Bear is a Happy Bear! Care Bears Activity

She had light blue fur in her original design, which was later changed to amethyst purple, and her symbol is a jack-in-the-box stamped with a red heart with a yellow star popping out. Take Care Bear made only one appearance in the s franchise in a cough medicine colouring book. Originally she had honey yellow fur and a smiling apple as her belly symbol, Since the s she is pale hot pink and her belly symbol is a purple smiling heart holding a smiling star. True Heart Bear was one of the two co-founders of the Kingdom of Caring in the original series along with Noble Heart Horse, effectively making her the matriarch of the entire Care Bear Family.

The big sister of the Care Bears and the Cousins, True Heart Bear is everything one would expect the first Bear to be: warm, perky, fun, caring and friendly. In the s her fur colour is either multi-pastel coloured In greeting card illustrations and as a plush toy , or pastel yellow with a pink and purple tuft of hair on her head In the second movie and the TV series , and her belly symbol is a multi-coloured star radiating from a central heart. She now has pastel pink coloured fur and her belly symbol remains the same. In Adventures in Care-a-lot , she has a large scruffy ponytail with bangs, and wears a purple purse with a white star on it over one arm.

America Cares Bear was first released as a very limited collectors edition plush toy in She was since made available in several variants, including loose and boxed versions. America Cares is a happy, patriotic, and energetic bear who believes that America's greatest strengths are caring, helping others, and teamwork. Bashful Heart is a toy exclusive bear who made his debut as a plush toy in during the Care Bears 's toyline relaunch.

Best Friend Bear was first introduced during the — franchise toyline re-launch [ citation needed ] , and has since made appearances throughout the series beginning with the film Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! Best Friend Bear shows the importance of the special bond between two best friends and how there is a best friend for everyone.

She has orchid coloured fur and her belly symbol is a smiling heart and a smiling star linked by a rainbow. Do Your Best Bear was first introduced in the early s franchise toy line relaunch [ citation needed ] , and has since made minor appearances in s Care Bears media. Laugh-a-Lot Bear made her first appearance as a plush toy during the — franchise relaunch [ citation needed ].

Since then, she has made sporadic appearances throughout other related media beginning with the film Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot. Laugh-a-lot turns her worst mistakes into the best jokes and her contagious laughter can even make Grumpy Bear laugh. In Adventures in Care-a-lot , She has a short split ponytail tied up with a purple elastic, and her belly badge has pink and purple hearts added.

She talks with a British accent and has watermelon pink fur with a red teacher's apple with a heart-shaped twinkle as her belly symbol. Thanks-a-lot Bear first appeared as a plush toy in during the early s franchise relaunch toy line [ citation needed ] , and has since made minor appearances in the Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot series. Her catchphrase is "Thanks a lot! She has dark teal fur and her belly symbol is a shooting star that has a red heart inside, connected to a vertical curvy rainbow tail. Hopeful Heart Bear is a toy exclusive first introduced as a plush in during the early s Care Bears franchise re-launch [ citation needed ].

Hopeful Heart Bear shows how important it is to have a positive outlook on life and never give up hope. She has light fuchsia fur and her belly symbol is a heart with rainbow-coloured beams of light radiating out of it. Meant to symbolize everything special about St. Valentine's Day, All My Heart is wholly devoted to the holiday, including the giving the gifts of love, well wishes. She has red fur and her belly symbol is a red and white concentric heart, echoing Targets corporate colours and logo.

Amigo Bear debuted as a plush toy in [ citation needed ]. He has since made an appearances in various 's Care Bears media. AmigoBear is the first bilingual Care Bear and is fluent in Spanish. He has red-orange fur with an Aztec-style spiral sun surrounded by hearts as his belly symbol. When he first talks, he uses a Hispanic accent. Heartsong Bear debuted as a plush toy in Since then, she has made minor appearances in 's Care Bear media.

Heartsong Bear loves music. Her talent is being able to turn any feeling or mix any sound into an appropriate song for any situation. She has teal blue fur and her belly symbol is a rainbow-coloured musical note surrounded by different coloured hearts.

cpanel.openpress.alaska.edu/ramanujans-lost-notebook.php Heartsong's belly symbol is very similar to Harmony Bear's UK and Australia design in the s incarnation of the series. Play a lot Bear is a toy exclusive introduced in during the franchise re-launch. He has light blue fur and his belly symbol is a violet bouncing ball with a heart on it, followed by a rainbow trail. Klutzy and accident-prone, Oopsy Bear is constantly making mistakes, or "oopsies", which affect himself and others.

His unique and practical approach to problem solving have saved the day multiple times, especially in situations when the other bear's powers have been nullified in some way. His fur colour is light green, and unique among Care Bears, he does not have his own Belly badge but he will often draw a yellow shooting star or in the intro The Show Logo on his stomach with a marker. Occasionally, he also draws other things on his belly as well. Shine Bright Bear is a toy exclusive introduced in during the franchise relaunch. In Adventures in Care-a-lot , she wears purple heart-shaped sunglasses, and has a short split ponytail.

Superstar Bear is a toy exclusive introduced in during the franchise relaunch. She has neon yellow fur and her belly symbol is an orange star with a red and yellow border with a heart inside, surrounded by three smaller blue, green, and orange stars. Work of Heart Bear is a toy exclusive introduced in during the franchise relaunch.

She is an artistic Care Bear who shows that creativity and hard work can create beautiful things. She has multi-coloured fur, with her left arm and right ear in pink, her face in orange, her right arm and left ear in yellow, her left leg in green, her right leg in blue and her tail in purple. Her belly symbol is a yellow heart-shaped artist's palette with heart shaped paints, along with a paintbrush. A special limited edition plush was available that has a tutti-frutti scent to the fur. Sweet Dreams Bear is a toy exclusive introduced in during the franchise relaunch.

Sweet Dreams is a female equivalent to Bedtime Bear. She believes that rest and relaxation are the cornerstones to wellness, and tries to help everyone get their required z's by bestowing good dreams and happy thoughts. In Adventures in Care-a-lot , she has a ponytail with a flower elastic, and wears a pink sleep mask. Always There Bear is a toy exclusive introduced in during the franchise relaunch. She reminds people that everyone that they care about very deeply will always be in their hearts, even if they are not physically present.

She has reddish pink fur and her belly symbol is two smiling pink and lavender intertwined hearts. A special limited edition plush was available with a raspberry scent to the fur. Pink Power Bear is a plush toy-exclusive who was only available in as a limited edition in Target retail stores to promote breast cancer awareness [ citation needed ].

Happy bear family in harmony.

She has baby pink fur and her belly symbol is the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon , with a small silver heart placed in the ribbon's loop. Sweet Sakura Bear is a toy-exclusive Care Bear developed specifically for the Japanese market in Polite, modest, and soft-spoken, Sweet Sakura is meant to exemplify the traditional values of a dignified Japanese girl, and teaches us to savor the splendor of every passing moment.

She has cherry pink fur and her belly symbol is a pink cherry blossom with a red heart in the middle. His belly badge features a gift box with a heart inside. He has the ability to teleport and teaches it to Tenderheart. Young, inquisitive, and always full of wonder, Wonderheart lives in Care-a-Lot with her uncle Tenderheart. She also carries her favorite toy Floppy Bunny who has a patch on the left ear. Me Bear is very narcissistic and cares only about herself and her appearance. He often unwittingly makes a huge mess out of everything he tries to do and also loves food and cooking.

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He is greedy with a large appetite. Too Loud Bear is fast-talking and wise-cracking and thinks he's funnier than he actually is. He is also known for constantly mispronouncing names especially Twinkers' name and responding with his catchphrase "Whatever" when someone tries to correct him. The Care Bear Cousins are non-bear animals with similar goals to promote caring for others and sharing your feelings as the Care Bears. They made their animated debut in the first Care Bears movie and live in the Forest of Feelings.

Rather than the Care Bear Stare, they use the Care Cousins Call, though there is no noticeable difference in effect between the two. The Care Bear Cousins have not appeared in any media since the relaunch of the franchise in the early s, but they still continue to be released as plush toys.

His job is to help people to be brave. His catchphrase is "Charge! He has orange fur and his belly symbol is a red heart with a gold crown hanging on the right side. The smartest of the Cousins, Bright Heart is a highly intelligent thinker and inventor who relies on logic and reasoning to solve problems. He is sometimes paired with Grumpy Bear, who shares a similar talent for handiwork, with the two pooling their resources to create inventions. He has alternating light and dark purple fur and his belly symbol is a yellow heart-shaped light bulb.

Cozy Heart Penguin is the sweetest and warmest of the Cousins. She is a great swimmer and the one most suited to winter conditions. She is the only non-mammal in the Care Bear Family. She is lilac with white facial markings and her belly symbol is a pink or purple stocking cap resting on the left side of a red heart. Gentle Heart Lamb is the most softhearted of the Cousins [ citation needed ]. She has mint green fur and a pink, lace-trimmed, heart-shaped pillow is her belly symbol.

When she talks, she has a bleating voice. Though small by elephant standards, Lotsa Heart makes up for her lack of stature with copious amounts of determination and aplomb.

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Despite being known as the strongest creature in the Forest of Feelings, she is sometimes chastised for her lack of coordination and athletic talent by her fellow Cousins. Like real elephants, she uses her trunk to trumpet and carry things. Lotsa Heart often says, "And that's the truth! Oct 05, Barbara rated it it was amazing.

You can read them as standalones or you can read them in order. Previous characters will sometimes show up in the newer books. I especially loved this book. It is about some real life problems that are treated somewhat realistically. Sep 30, Sharon Noble rated it it was amazing.

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You never know what can happen! A family of his own. She meets Marcus, there is something between them but she is scared.

Dec 03, Janet Hendricks rated it it was amazing. Sweet, But Sexy Story! Joanna and Marcus This second chance story is so sweet. Bear shifter Marcus has found his mate in Joanna. Now all he has to do is tell her he's a bear and convince her that he's a "forever" type of guy. Sep 27, angela gunstone rated it it was amazing. Second chance bear Another good book to join this amazing series loved the characters and the storyline so it's a well deserved five stars and I would recommend this book to everyone.

Harmony Bear and Cheer Bear - When Life is Like a Sad Song (Sing along)

Nov 29, Angie7 rated it it was amazing. Love this story and the warm and fuzzies at the emotional level. With a little surprise too. Love theses character's and their dramas, romances and yes yes hot and sexy. Sep 28, Juanita E. Arp rated it it was amazing. I loved the chemistry between Joanna and Marcus, trying to forge a new life when Joanna's ex comes calling.

I can't wait for more from this author. Oct 20, Natalie rated it it was amazing. Second Chance Bear I was hoping she would get pregnant by Marcus. I'm glad she didn't freak out when he told her she was his mate. I suspected her ex would turn up and try to ruin everything. Nov 22, Jo-ann rated it it was amazing. Finding more than family empowerment and new friends while camping When Joanna's marriage ends shortly after they adopt two children, they go to an activities camping center for family empowerment and learn so much more, as well as Joanna finding her mate in Marcus.

Jo-Ann Doyle. Sep 27, Anne Murphy rated it it was amazing. I love Bear Creek! This book was with it. I love the descriptions that make you feel like you're there. Oct 02, Kirsten Ensman rated it it was amazing. Good series another fun read I so enjoy all of the books in this series. I found this book more predictable than some of the others. But it was a sweet romance. I enjoy Harmony's writing. I just love the description of the bear creek area. Sep 28, Charlotte Shea rated it it was amazing.

This book 22 was awesome and can't wait for book book 23 Luke's mate Cherie A Harlow. Mar 06, Tammy rated it it was amazing.

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Mountain air Ya never think about others and their life, when family's have a chance of time and place to work on their lives things happen that shows love understanding, and forever. Aug 19, Janet Swiftbird rated it really liked it. She tried so hard her eyes crossed Two stories in one, two families trying to make it work. Tabitha has a secret inside even she doesn't know. Joanna is trying to make her small family work after her husband leaves. Great storyline with exceptional characters. Dec 13, Marianne rated it it was amazing. I can't imagine people having a child and not living that child.

Joann was with Julian and they adopted two children, but Julian was not happy and left Joann. Joann went to the Chance Ranch and met Marcus and just keep reading Read and enjoy. Oct 01, Cynthia Siermienski rated it it was amazing. Second Chance Bear Another wonderful book. I can't get enough of Bear Creek and shifter books. I enjoy your writing about shifters and I can't wait to see who is next to find their mate. Sep 28, Cheri Morris rated it it was amazing. Good It's a very emotional and heart warming book about different types of families and the trials of adopting and trying to make it work.

There are some funny moments in the book to. Oct 14, Cathy Criqui rated it it was amazing. A Real Second Chance. This was great! Really good to read a story about a true second chance at love. So happy to know it could be possible. If is associated with an Alamy account you'll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

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