How to Talk to Hot Women: The 9 Secrets to Getting and Keeping the Woman (Women) of Your Dreams

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Even if she would have loved you for who you really are, if she finds out you were faking she will feel lied to and may not love you anymore. Respect her and everyone else. You probably know that you should respect her in order to win her heart if you didn't, now you know! She'll always worry if she sees you treating others poorly that you'll treat her just as badly if she does something that makes you unhappy or does something else "wrong". Basically, be nice and polite! Be passionate. You should be passionate in your relationship, but you should also be passionate in your life.

Being around someone passionate helps us to be more passionate and engaged in our own life, so we are naturally drawn to people like this and want them in our life more. Be passionate in your life by exploring and celebrating the things that make you happy and unique, without worrying about what others think. Bring the fun! Similarly to how we look for passionate people in our lives, we also like being with someone who makes our life more fun. If you can bring the fun into her life by finding great things to do and new avenues to explore, then she'll be completely in love.

Prioritize like a pro. Women have it a bit harder in life than guys. Most social systems put women at a disadvantage they make less money than men, for example , and so they need a life partner that can help them in life, not make things even harder. If you want to win her heart, show her you're not going to be a burden. Have a strong work ethic, help her out when you can, and show her that you value her over other women.

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Another way to show her that she is your priority is to make sure that you actually spend time with her! Don't make her feel guilty about taking up your time and show her how much fun you're having while you're with her. Be financially stable and maintain a job. It doesn't have to be a good one. Women will overlook a bad paycheck if they know they can rely on you and don't have to worry about what you do with that paycheck. Care for her.

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Show her that you care. Man up and let your feelings show. Society tells men that they cannot show feeling and women are trained to think that showing feeling just scares men away so no one ever shows any feeling and we all feel terrible! Break the cycle! Let her know what you think and don't be afraid to show her how much you love her. Do nice things for her. Listen to her when she needs to talk about her problems. Work together as a team to deal with life's challenges.

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The last thing you want to do is show this special girl that you have nothing but her. Quick ways to get confidence and stop being nervous 5. The Double Your Dating book explains in detail exactly how to be perceived as the most valuable person while building massive attraction. On this weeks show we have Relationship Coach and Male Confidence expert Robert Kandal on the show to talk about how to navigate the world of dating and women post metoo. A lot of standard analysis, but particularly good in regard to psychological motivations behind interactions. Leave her a voicemail or note in her purse to make her smile.

Encourage and help her achieve her dreams. Be unselfish in your relationship with her and showing her that you care will become a breeze.

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Give unexpected, targeted gifts. Yes, gifts are a good way to win a woman's heart, but not just any gift will do. Gifts should show that you care and that you specifically care for her. You don't want to give a gift that could be just as nice for your ex-girlfriend or your sister. Give a gift that is significant to her.

Bring her flowers when she's having a bad day.

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If she calls or texts you and mentions that her day is not going very well, bring her some flowers on your lunch break or when you get home. If she tells you at the end of the day, have the flowers sent to her first thing in the morning with a note like "I hope these help today go better than yesterday. Put on a scavenger hunt for her. Leave her a series of notes, each one telling her something you love about her and a clue to the next location. End the scavenger hunt with dinner and a gift. Make her something. Use your creative skills to make something for her. It doesn't have to be fancy or perfect.

It just has to show that you think she's worth the time and effort. You can make her a card on nice paper, make her a necklace pendant, or make hr a sculpture for her desk check your local art store for polymer clay. Cook her dinner. When you've had a hard day, the last thing you want to do is add insult to injury by having to slave over the stove for half an hour, right? When you know she's stressed or even when she isn't , help her out by cooking her a nice dinner.

Write letters to her. Write her letters as often as you can manage. You don't even have to talk about anything interesting, but it is a very useful time to talk about your feelings. This vintage touch will show her just how much you care, and charm your way into her heart. Make her a mix CD. Try to tell the story of your love how you felt before you had her in your life, how you met her, what you first thought, etc through the songs that you choose.

Ask her for advice and take it. Women, like anyone, want to feel useful. They want to feel like they serve a purpose, especially to people that they care about. Let her be and feel useful by asking her for advice about problems that you have in your life. Importantly, you should take her advice and let her see that you've taken her advice. Really know her. Know her for who she really is, not just who you want her to be or the face that she puts on for everyday life. Talk to her about things that matter and find ways to show her that you get her. For example, buy tickets to a play that you don't care about but that you know she really wants to see.

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Become a great person to talk to. Women love someone that they can really talk to in a significant way. Someone they can talk to and have it feel natural and not awkward.

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Be that person and her heart is yours. Be a fun date. You want to be someone that's fun to date. Don't just sit around, complain the whole time, or make her make all the decisions.

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Be active in the things you do together and help her to have a great time. Master making out. Good kissing skills, while not the most important, are certainly important enough that you'll want to consider working on your skills. Remember, practice makes perfect! Learn how to turn her on. Whether you're in need of major help or just need a little push, Mehow's lessons can improve any man's game. Provocative and entertaining, it's the definitive system for rescuing your sex life, your relationship status, and your swagger.

In these pages, Mehow distills charm into a simple, easy-to-use formula that renders "dating tips" obsolete. Learn the nine essential secrets to building immediate chemistry with attractive women, along with practical, field-tested techniques that leave you with the knowledge to transform your dating reality from nonexistent to nonstop.

Mehow's one-of-a-kind system shows you exactly how to be yourself and succeed when you meet women, no matter how or where, or if you simply want the woman you already have to stay totally addicted to you.

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Packed with specific advice on what to do, examples of what to say, and tips on how to develop your own game, How to Talk to Hot Women will allow you to reach new levels of freedom and confidence to date the woman you really want -- whether she is the "perfect 10" for the next hour, the night, or the rest of your life. Prior to his pick-up work, Mehow worked in the computer field, first with his own small company and later for larger companies in Baltimore, Washington, DC, and San Diego. Despite a comfortable lifestyle, he became increasingly frustrated with his lack of social life.

In early , he discovered the seduction world through attending a "bootcamp" taught by Mystery, at that time the most famous pick-up artist in the world. After a series of initial failures, Mehow learned to meet and "close" with beautiful women and began to coach for Mystery's company.