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Retail is broken. Apple's Angela Ahrendts has a plan
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It changes from day to day. It really begins with a personalized customer experience.

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In fact, this may be enough to get any person to buy online or offline. The key is to look for someone who is mature enough not only to handle concerns but also reflect the needs of your customers. What annoys me the most about shopping in a store is the lack of service.

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Years ago there used to be enough sales people to help you choose dresses and clothes, assist you in the dressing room and get you different sizes, and then assist you at the register to purchase your items. Nowadays, there is about two associates to an entire floor and once you have chosen your items, you have to stand in a minute line while one person is trying to help 25 people. At that point, I would rather just go online, choose my clothes and hit the button to pay. Have it delivered to me without standing in a long line.

Today I stood in line for 35 minutes at one store for a return and 30 minutes in another to purchase an item. That is unacceptable.

‘I have more buttons than I can sell before I die’

At that point, I was so annoyed I did not feel like shopping for anything else. The short answer is to step it up with more staffing not less. This goes for hotels, restaurants, and anywhere else that the customer is supposedly important. Mobile technology is the rage now. Customer service is very important, without your customer you are nothing.

Retail digital signage solutions

Join us for a all-round view visit. Read more: Chinese retail titan JD. Angela Ahrendts, Apple's senior vice president of retail, photographed inside the brand's new Washington, DC, flagship. If you are looking at a multinational retailer, for example, check its exposure and direct investment in emerging markets, such as Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, India, and China. On the one hand, she says, milieu protection for shops would give small-business owners stability to plan their future. In fact, one report from the IHL Group found that in , there were more retail businesses opening their doors than closing them. You can find more information in our data protection declaration.

To win the customer over for your store, and to get the customer to always come back you have to go that exstra mile for them. You can build a customer relationship with them, what I do is, always nice to walk into the store and the sales assistant or manager great me on my name, you feel welcome and special.

I want someone who is knowledgeable. More knowledgeable than me on the subject. Thank you! I like these ideas and the thought of directing the feel of the store towards a certain age group is perfect. Maybe a focus group could be used and they could tell you what they would like to see in you store, the top five ideas get put in.

I have been studying the third place phenomena for some time.

It is interesting to see how stores are becoming the place to hang around at, shopping and doing other things at the same time, e. I agree with you when said that personalized customer service from a sales associate is a very important factor in the service satisfaction of every customer. I like how you provide the things that a customer wants from a retail store.

I would love to have a personalized customer service too when I visit a convenience or retail store in the area. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Powered by. Email this Article Print This Article. Rieva Lesonsky is a Columnist for Small Business Trends covering employment, retail trends and women in business.

Aira Bongco October 1, at pm. Debbie May 26, at pm. Diana Tan October 2, at am. Fransie Smith October 2, at am. Create unique interactive experiences for more engagement with your customers. QR codes, sensors, connected buttons, tablets: there's a wealth of opportunities to make your point of sale more relevant and dramatic. These features can also be tools for measuring audience and communication performance.

7 Case Studies That Prove Experiential Retail Is The Future

Generate additional revenue streams by turning your advertising displays into media centres: Monetise communication spaces with your suppliers' adverts or external advertisers. Cenario's platform allows precise segmentation of your screens to deliver the most relevant sites to your advertisers and clients, guaranteeing a maximum return on investment.

The benefits of digital signage begin well before customers even set foot in the shop. Retail digital signage solutions help you create more powerful and engaging window displays.

For example, you can use retail signage software to update window displays to reflect whatever focus or promotions are happening in-store at that moment. But one of the biggest benefits of digital signage in the window is movement. Printed signs only capture shoppers' interest for as long as it takes to read them.

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While putting pen to paper to form the chapters of It's Just Retail, author Roger L. Tyler continuously focused on illustrating the wisdom of accepting change in. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Its Just Retail file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you.

When signs change and move, you can draw shoppers in, both visually and physically. Add to that the power of facial recognition, delivering incredibly targeted messages based on age and gender and you have a very powerful retail signage solution.

Store of the Future: The Experiential Store

Run-out of a product or a surplus of stock? Use smart digital POS to inform your customers in real-time of the issue or run a national promotion in your stores. You have sales staff who can answer customer questions about any product in the store. With Cenareo digital signage software, you have the power to display more product information for customers to reference.

You can even offer authoritative product comparisons, making it easier for customers to make a buying decision. Our digital signage solution also enables you to boost sales through up-selling and cross-selling — without having to increase your staff numbers.

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Via the easy to use Cenareo SaaS platform, you can program digital displays to offer recommendations and promote add-on items. The most successful retailers have become more than just a shop to customers. Digital signage will free-up the shop floor to tell that story within the shop, and offers retailers a high-tech, visual method of relaying your brand story to shoppers. Pop-up stores, concessions or shop-in-shops are another practical use for digital signage.

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follow url Live chat …. Automatically adapt your broadcasts in real-time Make your content responsive to the environment: use detectors or third-party applications to automatically trigger no human intervention your broadcasts weather reactive, facial detection, motion detectors, thermal sensors, etc. Unique interactive experiences for more customer engagement.