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Financial Literacy
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The challenge is, a lot of people let money control them and it can spiral out of control.

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Just as important to learn to manage your money, you want to set financial goals for yourself. Otherwise, what are you actually trying to achieve? If you do not have goals to reach, why would you stick to your plan for financial freedom?

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If you reach one of your goals, set a new one and keep going. Initially, my finance goals were to have enough money to not worry about an unexpected expense and retire by This was one key step that helped me and got me into a different mindset.

Financial Literacy | Personal Finance Guide

Typically, when we get our paychecks or money we focus on paying our bills, any debt, etc. While you, of course, you want to pay these on time, what happens? Your savings gets neglected. Instead after budgeting, immediately move a percentage to your savings first. And stick to that rhythm. If you want to obtain a life of financial independence and freedom, you need to live below your means. All these things put a strain on your financial goals. Stop worrying about what others have or trying to upgrade to the next best thing.

Stay within your means and your pockets will thank you. There is always something new or another perspective about money that may help you achieve your goals. So many times new nuggets of information were overlooked.

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It can set you into panic mode, especially when you might be struggling already to pay your other bills. But if we were to fully obtain financial freedom, that bill would be less worrisome and we can easily move on from it.

The Bottom Line

Sounds nice, right? Financial freedom is not something that will happen overnight, but it is extremely possible. But before we move further, I wanted to quickly put a definition behind it so we are all on the same page. So what is financial freedom? It essentially means that you get to make life decisions without being stressed about the financial impact because you are prepared.


Instead of money and finances controlling you, you are the one in charge. Thanks to the digital age and social media, we see thousands of images of people flashing new cars, clothes, traveling, houses, etc.

Know where all your money is, where it's going, and why

This book emphasizes the concept of It's Your Money So Take It Personally® – the process of identifying what you want and why, when you want it, and what it. As a former business anchor for CNN domestic and international, I talked about money every day to million It's Your Money So Take It Personally®.

Yes, being able to travel and having a nice car is fine. I like those things too, but financial freedom is less about the material things you can buy and more about living your best life.

Hopefully, that is not your mindset. Possessions and material things only lead to temporary happiness, the goal of financial freedom is long-term. Having money in the bank or invested is, of course, a part of financial freedom, but the above is how I see it.

Financial Freedom Is Not About Money, It’s About Living Your Best Life

Now, this can be slightly different for you. No matter what your reasoning, it should always be about living your best life, not the actual money. When you are financially independent or free, you have a lot more options. But others might say that I am.

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Set up a fraud alert at Equifax , Experian , or TransUnion once an alert is placed with one bureau, it has to inform the other two. By the way, there are typically fees involved with freezing your credit files, but Equifax is waiving them so long as you freeze your files by November Unfortunately, as the Equifax breach shows, financial institutions — by nature of the personal information we have access to — can be attractive targets for cyber attacks.

But there are measures that can be taken to develop and maintain a cybersecurity program that uses high standards to safeguard your personal information as best as possible. The SEC also has a list of recommended precautions investors can take to keep their accounts secure. When you open an account at Ellevest, you have to provide details about yourself, such as your date of birth, address, and social security number.

We share this information with Folio Investments, Inc.

Valerie Coleman Morris, Author: "It's Your Money So Take it Personally" on Bay Sunday

Folio works to safeguard your account's cash and investments. We only share your personal information as necessary to carry out day-to-day business activities. For example, since Folio is our broker and custodian, we need to share your personally identifiable information with them to open your account and carry out transactions.

Don't rely on your partner to manage your money

The lender, who could be a financial institution, merchant, credit card company, or other type of lender, charges interest for the use of the money. While not the only way to build credit, credit cards can help to establish a positive credit record, which you'll need for future loans. They have thought about their career and what their financial situation may be like as far as five years into their career. That is your monthly allowance for your time in school. If a friend or family member is having problems with money, it's natural to want to do what you can to help them. Please keep in mind, however, that free accounts may have restrictive transaction limits. A credit report filled with missed payments and other negative items will make it more difficult to get car loans, non-government education loans, home mortgages, and any other kind of loan, and the loans will be more expensive since the interest rate will be higher to offset the increased risk of default.

But we do not share your personally identifiable information for any other reason. Not for marketing our services to you, not to help other financial companies market to you, not to help other businesses market to you.

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