Nail The Interview! - The Recruiting Insiders Workbook for Candidates

Nail The Interview!: The Recruiting Insider's Workbook for Candidates
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It may not be reproduced, distributed, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, in part or in whole, without the express written permission of WetFeet, Inc. Copyright WetFeet, Inc. Extra Credit. The Interview What to Expect The typical management consulting interview generally consists of several parts. Although the case question portion of the interview inspires the most terror, the other portions of the meeting are every bit as important. Insiders tell us that many candidates, even at the very best schools, have already bombed the interview long before the case question slices them into tiny little pieces.

Fortunately, WetFeet is here to help. The next few sections should help you navigate the path through the minefield to the point where the fireworks begin.

e-book Nail The Interview! - The Recruiting Insiders Workbook for Candidates

How are you doing? What a great day for a consulting interview! If not, the interview is likely to drag. If you are alive—and seem interested, perky, and excited about the opportunity to interview with company XYZ— then this is your chance to develop a rapport with your interviewer. Your key goal here should be to show the interviewer that you have an engaging personality, are fun to be around, and would be a valuable addition to the team.

Remedial Interviewing for Would-Be Consultants The Interview Here are a few tips from consulting insiders about points at which previous candidates have fallen off a cliff. Show enthusiasm for the company. How about it? Would you want to go out for beers with a cold fish even a smart cold fish , much less spend months working together in Indianapolis?

Be high-energy! Be excited! Give me another spreadsheet! How To Impress a Consulting Recruiter Just exactly what impresses the hard-nosed consulting recruiter who has not only seen it all before, but likely has done it all before or at least advised a client on how to do it? Talk about situations in which you have assumed a significant leadership role.

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You might mention the challenges you faced and how you overcame them, or what you learned about yourself as a result of your experience. Your goal should be to demonstrate, with well-articulated examples, that you have the qualities of a Churchill, Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Case Question 5 You are assisting a regional Bell operating company RBOC that has been attempting to diversify its business lines outside of the traditional telephone business. Unfortunately, it has been unsuccessful in a number of previous new ventures, including real estate, financial services, and software. This time, the client is considering an opportunity to get into electronic home security.

The attractive features of this industry include:? No big players in the industry five largest firms have combined total of less than four percent market share? Large potential demand only ten percent of residences have security systems? Long-term customer value is high equipment is low-margin business, supervision services high-margin Question: Is this a good opportunity?

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What do we need to know to assess the opportunity? Case Question 6 A leading manufacturer of instant cameras and one-hour photo finishing machines is facing a dramatic downturn in business due to the rapid increase in digital photography and sharing photos over the Internet. What should it do? Draw a similar value chain for your start-up business and explain how and why it would be different. Case Examples Suggested Answers to Case Questions The following are suggested answers to several different types of questions. To give you more insight into what would be expected of you, we have included key tips and notes in addition to the suggested answers.

Background Consultants will often ask you to list several potential solutions to a particular problem in rapid fire sequence upfront.

Scenarios For Interviews

Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Hi! I have been privileged to have been able to foster Nail The Interview! - The Recruiting Insider's Workbook for Candidates - Kindle edition by Barbara A. Austin. Download it once and read it on your. "Nail The Interview! The Recruiting Insider's Workbook for Candidates" is the job seeker's workbook for success! Do you get nervous when you have to interview.

It will sometimes be used to assess out-of-the-box thinking quickly when interview time is short. This question type aims to assess your creative ability to generate several possible solutions or hypotheses from the start in order to guide a deeper, structured analysis later on. This is a very effective approach in consulting, because it drives creative brainstorming upfront— before getting enveloped in extreme levels of detail—generating a hypothesisdriven start to a client case. The interviewer is most interested in seeing you propose some clever, original thoughts about a problem, even if they seem far-fetched.

Therefore, the key to a successful answer here is to have fun with the challenge. If this were a team meeting and you were trying to identify solutions to a client problem, the goal would be to get as many ideas as possible out on the table and to select the most important ideas for further analysis. This question could be given to undergrads, MBAs, or advanced-degree candidates. The Rain Group has a list of 21 powerful, open-ended sales questions around rapport, aspirations and afflictions, impact and envisioning a new reality. They tend to listen before they speak and listen more than they speak.

As mentioned, they ask open-ended questions to get their prospects to speak more. It is not an easy, or natural process for some people, but they must be able to hold the silence. Not jump in and fill it with their voice, but let the prospect do it. Top salespeople can allow for measurable periods of silence in conversations with prospects.

This creates an opportunity for the prospect to consider what has been said rather than having to process the next piece of data given by the sales rep. By learning when and how to use silence as a selling tool , the emotional weight of a sale can shift to the customer, who wants to fill the silence by talking. The top-performing sales people listen to what a prospect is saying, try to understand why they are saying it, then repeat it back to them. It is a technique called active listening. While not always possible, it is important that the salesperson is there when the prospect is presented with the proposal and price.

A great salesperson listens out for the sudden silence, or exhalation and will address it immediately. This characteristic is heavily connected with asking questions and listening. Ben Dean, of Penn University found that curious folk are often above-average listeners and conversationalists. As an added bonus, a curious sales rep also tends to be a happier , more positive person, which creates a much nicer working environment for us all.

A top salesperson is objective, not only about the client but about their own product. They can adopt multiple perspectives. A sale should become collaborative and the sales representative should think of themselves as part of the customer. They are not an outsider trying to sell a product, they are a partner who is working together with the customer to solve their problem and can objectively evaluate if the solution they are selling fits.

This is especially true in high-value sales as these are built almost entirely around an on-going relationship between rep and customer over an extended period of time. Few people, even sales people are comfortable talking about money. According to Jody Williamson of Sandler Training, many of us were raised with the notion that money is a taboo subject. There is no room in the sales process to dance around the topic of money or worse yet, avoid it.

The job revolves around money. Being comfortable about money allows great sales people to get to the point and simply find out if a prospect is a good fit. This seems like common sense and yet so many sales reps show up to sales calls and meetings totally unprepared. These sales people show up not having done any research, tailored the presentation and material for the prospect or even set an agenda. This does not reflect well on them, your company or your solution. Showing up prepared is probably the easiest characteristic to assess. Ask them about your company the company they are interviewing for , your business, your own role and who you report to.

You will discover pretty quickly if they have done their homework. Exactly what it sounds like, it is a reluctance to make calls. This can be for a variety of different reasons and can hit the best of sales people at some point in their career. This is not about being able to schedule and follow a routine in their day, it is about being smart about what they spend time on. The very best sales people ensure the time they spend selling is on the right qualified leads and avoid wasting time on bad or non-existent deals.

Great sales people do not just manage their own time but that of their prospects as well. This way they can identify when a deal is going south and pull it back on track. Or drop a deal if it dies. Deals sometimes do not work out, despite your best efforts. A great salesperson accepts this and takes responsibility for their own deals.

However, they are also proactive in improving the process for next time. They believe they are responsible for their numbers and are generally willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

A high-performing salesperson understands where the client sits within the broader market and ecosystem. They understand what moves the needle for a client within that industry. It means having a view of the forest while walking around in the trees. It makes for a more consultative sell. You do not need to expect this from a new salesperson as this can be taught! It is rare that the person you are talking to is the sole and final decision maker. In fact, Apttus suggests that there are 5 key decision makers in the process and a sales rep needs to identify them all and ensure they are involved in the process.

Even if it means delaying the sale. PersistIQ has a great general guideline on who the main decision maker might be based on the size of the company. Having a process and a framework for following up ensures leads and deals are never dropped. Sales is problem solving. Having a problem solving mindset means sales will not be intimidated by restricted access to a prospect, big job titles and gatekeepers. They always look for ways around. People who are really good at solving problems go about it systematically.

They have a way of placing the problem in context. Instead, they solve problems with customers. Prospects are looking for a misalignment of information offered with the core message and values of the organisation. They are suspicious of offers and want to know if there is a catch. They will latch onto any inkling of doubt to justify their decision not to buy. They become your biggest, loyal supporters and your best sales force. A great salesperson will work to build rapport and trust and will come across as friendly and likeable.

1. Coachability

That being said, they must not come across as too agreeable. Researchers from the University of London College tested 66 sales consultants at health clubs and found the more agreeable the sales representatives were, the lower the sales. Looking for a proven sales tool to help you close more deals? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To provide you with the best possible experience on our website, we may use cookies as described in our Cookies Policy.

Download all the interview questions in a handy printable worksheet. Includes the scoring matrix to rate candidates.