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Harper eager for chance to return Lady Vols to prominence
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Pam Evans was a huge Tennessee fan and a lover of basketball. Needless to say, she loved Pat Summitt. I was annoyed by the excitement of game day; and if it was vs. UK, I was at war. I saw every Tennessee star as a villain. The only thing worse than the villains themselves were those that coached them. It began with Mrs. It softened a place in my heart. I always thought Mrs.

OTL: Growing Up Summitt

Evans was the coolest. Still do, actually. But Pam Evans was not just a fan; she admired Summitt. They were kindred spirits at five major points: faith, motherhood, basketball, coaching, and Tennessee.

Pioneer spirit

Even at ten years old, I could see why she loved Summitt… and I could not bring myself to dislike her. I mean, I wanted to. Oh man, did I want to.

She wore orange.. Conversely, I was enamored with her. Patricia Sue Head Summitt amazed me.

Pat Summitt became an icon, even if she didn't intend to be

In when Summitt announced to the world that she was fighting early onset dementia, I bawled. I know that Pat was a normal human being, but her attitude and fortitude made her feel invincible to me.

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I was mad as hell then, and quite frankly, I still am. She should still be coaching. She should still be winning. She should be making any other coach with an aspiration to meet that record feel like an idiot. She should still be yelling, and staring, and… breathing. That hurts me deep. I wanted to be amongst people who appreciated her as I did.

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Instead, I sat and watched the never-ending news coverage of her death. What would I do there? Sit and cry?

Rivalry, resentment, respect

Pat Summitt died on June 28, at the age of Jump to. They bailed hay and harvested the crops. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. Years later, her teams would sell out arenas at Final Fours and out-draw the men's team for home games on campus. Quality Productivity-based salary structure not associated with value-based culture Publish date: August 30, It counts.

I was already doing that. Lay flowers at the feet of her bronze statue? Maybe not. I am going to miss her so much. How can this be? Those piercing blue eyes could cut you like a knife, yet her smile could melt icebergs and her laugh was contagious.

Legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt dies at 64

Multifaceted is what she was. But now I admire her so much more as Only 6 left in stock - order soon. When I started coaching girls basketball 3rd-9th graders 3 years ago this was the second book I picked up. Now I have about 35 books and 20 videos but I use this as the central reference for my playbook and training manual in coaching fundamentals. Some of the skills may be too advanced for younger kids but they will grow up and adapt to it when they return to you a little older and better skilled thanks to this reference. It should be used in conjunction with the videos by the author available also from Amazon.

If Nancy Lieberman-Cline ever sponsors a clinic I will be on the first plane to get there. As a player-coach-teacher she is the best for girls basketball! Pillars of Success.

Pat Summitt

In her own words: Memorable Pat Summitt quotes Gallery: Pat Summitt. +27 " I'm not sure, when it got right down to it, I would have ever left. Pat Summitt has won more college basketball games than any other telling the Post, "I'm not gonna let this keep me from coaching, that's for.

Only 3 left in stock more on the way. The Summitt Season. I am a big fan of Pat Summitt and have all books about or by her. I found it even more interesting since I also grew up in the area. Definitely enjoyed the book. See All Buying Options. Pat Summitt: Biography of a Legend. Available for immediate download.

Spiller USA. Great story of a terrific woman who quietly gave her all. I read this for research in a business management class. Great choice. I found several useable quotes as well as read a tear jerking story of a leader who pushed her players to be more than players on a court, but players in life.

I am a junior high girls basketball coach and refer to these time and time again for drills that go back to the basics. I like that some of them are repetition, some game like, and some fun. They have helped my teams to improve! Our government could learn a few things! His down-to-earth examples of life with his own family and business dealings were a great help! I appreciated former Secretary of State Haig's statement that leadership and character can be developed by study and example. Curtis Zimmerman shared how to spot a true leader: 'Look within your circle of influence, find the "real people" whom you respect, who aren't multitasking you, who look at you Available for download now.

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