Press Rewind: Ranking the Greatest Songs of the 1980s

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This famous '70s rock band resurfaced the classic and made it explode in a way that was unreal.

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You might say no. When Deep Purple first visited however, the festival was in its early stages, lasting only a couple of days. The Southern California pop-punk band's sixth album was their last big hit. Oh dear! A bright orange "hotline" button could be pressed to lower the volume while the couple chatted.

Why It's Great: It turned Maia's hard-hitting romantic ballad into a lighthearted groove track. It blew up and became extremely popular in France, Brazil, and most of Latin America. Backstory : Sergio Mendes composed this song and asked famous musician Carlinhos Brown to lay the vocals on the track. He won a Grammy for the hit single in Why It's Great : This is probably what people think of when they think "Brazilian music. Backstory : Eller was kind of a rebel. She had a deep husky voice that was new and fresh to the music scene at the time, and she always wore a mohawk. Backstory : The band formed in Rio De Janeiro, and implemented a lot of soul and rock influences into their music. They mostly sang of love, and even tackled some social issues of the time. Backstory : Mercury is one of the most well-known singers from the state of Bahia.

Beautiful Day

The establishment was well-known in the early '90s for the insane amounts of beautiful women it would attract. Why It's Great : Once released it quickly became an anthem; the funky undertones and chorus are too addicting to ignore. Backstory : Banda Eva has been a very popular band in Brazil since the early '90s. They've changed female lead singers many times throughout their run, and Ivete Sangalo pictured here was hands down the most famous of the those singers.

Backstory : Cazuza is considered one of the best things to ever happen in Brazilian rock music. He had a very successful 9-year run, during which he busted out 11 number one singles.

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He released this single "Minha Galera" as a tribute to the Brazilian people. Backstory : Calcanhotto released her first album in and quickly became famous for her soft melancholic melodies. She went on to produce many successful hits way into the s.

Posted on November 26, , GMT. Gabriela Kruschewsky. Genre: Bossa Nova Backstory: The two musicians were sitting at a bar near Ipanema Beach in Rio, when they saw the most beautiful woman walk by and wrote this song down on a bar napkin. View this track on Spotify.

Classic Rock Greatest Hits 60s & 70s and 80s - Classic Rock Songs Of All Time

This live version also includes musicians Bethania and Toquinho. Genre: Bossa Nova Backstory: The phrase "mas que nada" is slang for "no way" or "whatever.

Henley Rewind Festival: Thousand turn up to enjoy 80s hits

Courtesy Everett Collection. Why It's Great: She hits notes you didn't even know existed.

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Why It's Great: It's smooth Genre: Bossa Nova Backstory: Jobim composed this song, and then asked Regina to record on a later version that indisputably became the most popular of all the re-recordings. TV Brasil.

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The Cars – Heartbeat City (1984)

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