The Vampyre; a Tale

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Aubrey falls in love with a Greek girl, Ianthe, and in her description of vampires from local lore, he recognizes Lord Ruthven.

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When Ianthe's dead body is discovered with two bite marks on her neck, Aubrey suspects Lord Ruthven, but agrees to swear that "for a year and a day" 14 he will not disclose either Ruthven's crimes or his death. When Aubrey encounters a resurrected Lord Ruthven back in England, the supernatural oath prevents him from revealing Ruthven's vampiric character or his own sister from becoming engaged to him.

Polidori's aristocratic vampire alludes to an entirely self-absorbed Lord Byron Hogle, "Gothic Image," Indeed, when Byron dismissed Polidori at the end of the summer, Polidori's father wrote to express relief that his son had "quitted a man so discredited in public opinion" Bishop , much as Aubrey's guardians in The Vampyre alert him that Ruthven's "licentious habits [rendered him] too dangerous for society" Polidori 7.

However, in The Vampyre, Polidori does not simply take revenge on Byron or exploit his scandals for narrative thrills. Lord Ruthven is less a portrait of Byron than a portrait of Byron's portraits, which offered viewers a canvas on which to project their desires and fantasies and thus exemplified a broader cultural narcissism and scopophilia, or "love of looking," symptomatic of commercial society Fay By the time he engaged Polidori, Byron and his publisher, John Murray, had exploited the new cultural taste for portraits in late 18th and 19th century Britain to promote Byron's fame and commercial success.

Clair 20 : he was the literary figure whose portraits were most widely disseminated and who had the strongest visual and cultural impact in Britain and Europe Peach John Gibson Lockhart remarked in "every boarding-school in the empire still contains many devout believers in the amazing misery of the blackhaired, high-browed, blue-eyed, bare-throated, Lord Byron. How melancholy you look in the prints! Inspiring the viewer to identify with and imitate Byron, portraits of the poet exploited techniques analogous to those that had made his poetry popular.

An unknown error has occurred. The novel is a thinly veiled portrait of the relationship set in a lonely castle during the Irish Rebellion of , that interweaves breathless Gothic fiction with the wayward love of Calantha for the Irish rebel Lord Glenarvon.

Glenarvon is a brooding anti-hero who dresses as a monk, stalks ruined priories, and howls like a wolf at the moon. Henceforward you will shed no more.

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William McKelvy is an associate professor of English and scholar of nineteenth-century British literature and culture. But as with the entire story, the women are completely unable to withstand a man's sexual advances in the form of powerful seduction. It was now, therefore, resolved that the next drawing-room, which was fast approaching, should be the epoch of her entry into the "busy scene. The name was originally used in Lady Caroline Lamb's novel Glenarvon , in which a thinly-disguised Byron figure was also named Lord Ruthven. Born in Fire Born In : Book 1. The Messiah was literally scribbled all over, and marked with slips of paper, on which also were remarks.

Lady Caroline Lamb, painted by Eliza H. Trotter, ca. Once there, Aubrey falls in love with Ianthe, a beautiful peasant girl who recounts the legend of the vampire but is brutally murdered soon after. Aubrey comes to suspect Ruthven, but the mysterious aristocrat is shot by bandits before the truth can be revealed. As Ruthven lays dying, he manages to extract a promise from the young man, asking him not to announce his death in England for a year and a day. Aubrey agrees, and Ruthven literally dies laughing. After a long and meandering journey home, the sad and raddled Aubrey is finally able to return to society, where he is horrified to discover Ruthven alive and well.

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As a meditation on the degeneracy of a society that has encouraged the excesses of celebrity to such an extent that it has been allowed to dwarf the higher values and enable the abuse of the virtuous and the innocent, it damns absolutely the superficial lure of fame. Although the text was similarly prompted by the ghost story competition that inspired Mary Shelley so ably, John only completed his story for the pleasure of a friend outside of the Byron-Shelley circle. Title-page from the fourth state of the first edition published by Sherwood, Neeley and Jones in The response was predictably lively.

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John tried to take control by preparing his own edition, but the public was not interested, and disgusted with the literary life, he attempted to rejoin Ampleforth and train as a monk. With the shadow of Byron making everything he did seem paltry and derivative, and the weight of rejection impressing itself on him like a judgment on his being, John Polidori took his own life at the age of twenty five by drinking a beaker of cyanide. He had entertained too sanguine hopes of literary fame.

The Vampyre: A Tale

A look at the shared lives of Byron, the Shelleys, and John Polidori during their time in Geneva, when literary works such as Frankenstein and The Vampyre were begun. Books link through to Amazon who will give us a small percentage of sale price ca. Discover more recommended books in our dedicated section of the site: Further Reading. Explore our selection of fine art prints, all custom made to the highest standards and shipped to your door.

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"The Vampyre" is a short work of prose fiction written in by John William Polidori as part of published in book form by Sherwood, Neely, and Jones in London, Paternoster-Row, in in octavo as The Vampyre; A Tale in 84 pages . Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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The Vampyre: A Tale - John William Polidori - 1st Edition

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