Through the Eyes of Christ: How to Lead Muslims into the Kingdom of God

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Two of those volunteers, Brian and Kimberly of North Carolina, spent years as missionaries to Muslims in Southeast Asia and now answer emails from Muslims around the world. I had negative emotional feelings. So I am searching [for] a true and loving God. Muslims are our mission field. So how can you transition from getting to know someone to talking about God? They have different levels of knowledge and involvement in their faith, he said.

A Christian can show a Muslim friend how Jesus was the only one to pay for our sins and how our debts can be forgiven through Him. The No. Many also think Christians worship multiple gods through their belief in the trinity. He was in the beginning with God. Muslims have a lot of rethinking to do when they are confronted with the gospel. But rest assured that the word of God will do its work in His good time. You see, the fact is, our Muslim friends usually are frightened of missionaries and evangelists and teachers coming to their countries; because if indeed they are standing on solid ground, they have no reason to fear.

See, the Word of God tells us Jesus announced you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you what? Free, not enslaved, not in a straightjacket.

How to Lead a Muslim to Christ (Lecture 2)

And this is why we are willing to deal with these matters and quite often they are not willing. Now, in presenting you with some of the ideas that we can utilize in the practicality of the matter, I need to mention to you, please, that we have to overcome barriers. Overcoming barriers is very important if we are really to be affective witnesses for our Lord. Notice, number 1, the historical barriers. We cover a little bit about that, which is basically, of course, the Crusades, the sword and so on.

And I think that one of the other barriers of importance is the theological. The doctrine of God. You notice the difference. But in their minds they have a block and you need to overcome that block. Directing our prayer to Jesus instead of our heavenly Father also is a confusing thing to them, you see. It becomes easier to handle. Thirdly, the doctrine of Jesus is actually a matter of a leap of faith as far as a Muslim is concerned, because you and I, most of us at least, have been raised up in a Christian culture in a Christian situation, home.

It is much easier for us, having heard this most of our lives, to accept it. But for him it has to be a jump of faith from one side across the chasm to the other, to believe the Man Jesus, the Man of Nazareth, is really God in flesh.

How Can You Know?

And the Holy Spirit can reveal that to him with your help. Something else, venerating the virgin Mary in our Catholic circles is a very big problem to them. We need to overcome that if you have that background as a Christian. Because if the person notices that you are really loving him and caring about him, he will listen to you. Something else methodological: prejudice of religion, race, culture, creed or gender. Are you guilty of that? And if you are, you need to overcome that if you want to witness to a Muslim, whatever his color or background is. A Western Christ sometimes is pictured.

The fact is if you ever go back to the land of my birth, you will notice that the Arabs and the Jews who have been raised there like I have been raised are so close you can hardly tell them apart. But Jesus was an Easterner. He came for the east and the west, the south and the north, and I like to remind you that in many ways when you look at the cross you must remember that it has four directions. It becomes a bridge for every human being, from every corner of the earth, from every creed, from every tribe, from every people. And one day the Bible says this will be the case, that they will come to Him from every tongue, tribe and people and bow to Him as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Remember who He was. Attitudinally: the attitudes that we have. Do you have a negative attitude? A great man said in a conference that I heard, that when he went to the Philippines in order to witness for the Filipinos, after about three years or so he was washed out. Leave your country, leave your people and come down and witness to people. Well, great! But do you love these people? What has motivated you?

You are here

Do you really care about them? And if you do, then God will guarantee your success, because without love you cannot do very much. The church, unfortunately, in many ways and sadly, I say, is unwilling to accept the Muslim convert wholeheartedly because they think he has an ulterior motive.

How Jesus Christ Is Depicted In Islam

As a pastor in the Middle East once I was able to appease to the Muslims and they would start coming to our services, to our church. But I ended up by trying to help them out, by having a curtain between sitting the men on one side and the women on one side, trying to deal with the problem, you know. But, you see, the attitude of the church has not been a wholesome attitude and needs to be changed toward the Muslim convert to invite him, to welcome him, to incorporate him in their lives, because they are just like anybody else, lost who need Jesus. We, even though are called Christians, many of us are lost.

Their action proves that.

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Their words prove that. Their whole life proves that. Something else, the church must become the New Testament koinonia. What do you mean by that? Koinonia means fellowship, where we enjoy each other. God, being your heavenly Father, who has adopted you, and now you become a part of that family where you are an active part and an equal part with others, not somebody above you and one under you. And this is very important.

Cultural, the cultural barrier; Christianity viewed in terms of a Western religion within a foreign culture. But while I was in one of the conferences in Europe I was quite impressed. For instance, in this particular situation the missionary told us that they would take their shoes off before they came in. Well, they model that idea. And shoes are in the streets and everything and with not as clean as some places are, so they leave their shoes and come into before the Lord. So, all equal ground. And then along with that, they stand up and place their hands like this as they pray to God.

And then, bowing down humbly, as well as greeting each other with a loving hug, as we do. You know, if you go to Pakistan they almost break your ribs. Contextualization refers to the fact that, in trying to talk to a person, use the terminology he is familiar with in his own land, in his context, in his culture, in his language if at all possible. And I encourage you very much to remember this.

Now, how about the material? When we talk of material barriers, we talk about something pretty sensitive. Something else. They are dishonorable. They worship Muhammad who was an immoral man; therefore, so are his followers, taking many wives and concubines. And, of course, this is not totally true. So what do you do? You try to learn how to accept each individual on his merit.

Do not generalize. Each person, made in the image of God, has the privilege of hearing the gospel in the best way you can put it to him. The poetry was so sublime that several of the great poets would hang their poetry in Kaaba , even before Muhammad came around, and they were eloquent and powerful. The Arabic language is one of the most prolific, beautiful languages in the world. You know, ask any honest Muslim if he can read one surah and explain every verse.

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It has to be translated, explained. One of the most shocking thing to me was I bought a massive concordance by Dr. So you can see the problems even there. So what in the world are you going to do then? Well, we were endeavoring, in the effort of trying to make the Bible understandable, to write it in a language that an Arab would understand.

This brings me back to the original text of the New Testament. How do you know the word kione Greek? Alright, for a number of years, some of you may be quite surprised at this, Christians thought that kione Greek, which they did not know, was a heavenly language in which God gave the disciples to write the New Testament, until later on they discovered many manuscripts in which they found out the koine Greek which actually was actually the common language of the people. It was not the classical. You see, today in Arabic I can talk both the classical Arabic and the regular Arabic.

And if you hear Arabs together, you can tell a person is from this country or that country or that country because of his dialect. Now, in the New Testament therefore, just like in the days of the apostles, the Bible, the New Testament was written in koine Greek, the language of the people so they could understand it. What is the use if I give you a message, my brother, and you cannot read it? You cannot understand it? So what was the option? The option was, we would write the gospel in that language. This has been published now for about five or six years, quite popular.

You can get it from none other than Cyprus. I was on the beginning of the checking of the translation. It was done by about 16 different scholars over in the city of Jerusalem. Now, I checked this out. This will intrigue you. Well, what is this? And we have now a New Testament being prepared, will be released shortly, which will be a surprise to you.

Some of these are methods to overcome the barriers. Now, moving onward, I need to remind you that we live in a day where you have so many tools you can use. Would you consider, please, first of all, that because of our high technology you can use videotapes? We have some available of debates, of teachings that you can order and share with your friends. The family had become disturbed.

They sent her religious leaders, sent people to convince her, and finally they sent her your tape in which you debate Mr. Deedat of Durbin, South Africa.

He states that 30 Muslim students have been converted and four professors. Now let me read to you the very words. What does he mean by this? Many students are rushing into our hall called Independence Hall by name, at the University of Ibadan to listen to your lectures on cassette. Equally some Muslims are invited daily to hear you lecture, especially the debate cassette. And with this method we have converted up to 30 Muslims into Christianity within our campus alone. It is not to make ourselves look better, no sir. Our endeavor is to love them into the kingdom of God and present the truth.

Books of former Muslims who have been converted and their testimonies, these are available from various organizations. Tracts, brochures and pamphlets; I have brought a number of these which have been written by a converted Muslim from Varanasi, India, whom we had the pleasure and privilege of helping get through his entire education with even two doctors degrees. A doctor who lives in California, has a system of witnessing to these people by mail. He gets phone books from around the world. And he picks the names of the Muslim dear people and he has churches write letters to them and send tracts offering them a gospel, Injil Muqaddas , a holy gospel.

Films such as the film on Jesus, some of you may have seen it, by Campus Crusade for Christ, has led millions to the Lord. Now, what about the methods we need to use? I need to urge you please to consider in witnessing. One of the best methods is one on one. Global Initiative is training us on how to prepare the soil so that we have a most bountiful harvest among these people for whom we are burdened.

Muslims rightfully belong to Jesus, and He wants them back, and we get to help. Global Initiative comes to your university campus or young adult ministry to train you to reach Muslims through actions and words. Learn what Muslims believe, be moved with compassion for the Muslim world, and respond prayerfully to the Holy Spirit.

Global Initiative is currently planning opportunities for for university students, young adult ministries, and Chi Alpha teams to engage Muslims in both overseas and stateside contexts. These Exposure Trips are designed to give you insight into the Muslim world and to create a vision for ministry while showing Christ to Muslims in their contexts.

Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples. Let the Nations Be Glad! John Piper. Woman to Woman Joy Loewen. In the Gap David Bryant.