Witch Dance

Witch Dance
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This is harder than you think, and a rapture that seasoned ravers have come to treasure as a way to touch the ekstatik which, coincidentally, is also the name of the next New Jack Witch dance party! If not, kick everyone out for the night, or shut yourself in your room. Take off your clothes. Turn off the lights.

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Sit with yourself for a moment. Think of something you need release: a care, a concern, a shitty thing your boss said, a voice inside your head saying heinous shit about yourself.

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Meditate on this for a moment, and recall how it made you feel. Believe it and feel it in your core. Let yourself feel your feet, the ground, your spine, your body.

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Take one or two slow forward folds. Then, with your intention firmly set to rid your body of whatever needs to get the fuck out, crank up some music and let your body move. Allow any emotions that surface to pass, acknowledging them but not dwelling on any feeling overlong. At times one hears the bare soles slapping the stage.

After a return to the squat position, the dancer works her way out of the circle with fierce tempo, alternating with restrained trembling, moving toward an increased tempo and accelerated finale, leaping and running with a constant circular motion of the arms across the entire stage. For a moment the figure is like a gleaming, enthroned idol, but the body immediately falls over backwards, a very powerful swing of both arms throws it forwards again, it tumbles back on the ground, the hands supporting it, the head snaps up, the mask stares toward us in petrified madness.

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Take care to hide when the wild witch rides to shriek her evil spell. What she may do with a word or two is much too grim to tell. Was it so? The original inhabitants of the area were of the Hopewell culture, who were comprised of groups of related bands who flourished from about BC to AD. Later, many of their descendants would join with the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes. The superstition and mysteries of the Trace are as old as these earliest known inhabitants.

Native American lore tells that the Hopewell Indians escaped to the area during oppressive times in Mexico, carrying the bones of their ancestors with them.

groupect.staging.ctrlweb.ca/map15.php Many of these bones became part of the great mounds that were built in the area of Natchez Trace. This paleo-Indian group first inhabited the area around Witch Dance and were responsible for constructing the Bynum Mounds , located between Witch Dance and Houston, Mississippi. According to legend, their leader, carrying a sacred bag and a medicine stick, and accompanied by a white dog, guided them in their journey.

Each night, the leader would plant the medicine stick in the ground and they would encamp it that place.


It was as if the shadow had sucked all the air out of her lungs. Technical Specs. In this way I remember and invoke the witches, demoniacs, ecstatics, hysterics, whores, the mothers who came before me. Acera is a hermaphroditic creature, which means it is simultaneously male and female, resulting in some very complicated grouping. Event Muka Prints The annual exhibition of Muka Studio lithographs especially for kids is back this show weekend. Official Sites.

During their stay, the pole would alter its position, a signal that it was time to continue their journey. Whichever way it pointed, the people followed.

Witch Dance by Len Lye

The white dog would lead them to berries and food along the way. Eventually, the stick pointed straight up, indicating they had arrived at their new home. The people buried the bones of their ancestors in mounds, which would grow larger over the years.

By Lori Crane

The Witches Dance - Where To See The Wolfshäger Hexenbrut Looking for a performance idea for your next event? Want to attend an. Sep 21, - Wolfshäger Hexenbrut - Witches Dance "Schüttel deine Speck" - YouTube.